Selling Goods in New York City Today

We are the most secure and efficent way for you to sell your used goods in New York City. No Need to wait weeks for repayement, need to ship items, hassle dealing with scammers. We have been in the business of buying goods for over 10 years and have learned lots along the way.

First the best way to get an accurate quote for your item is to bring it in and have it evalated by one of our Team Memebers. If you have a special item and want to have some privacy we can setup an appointment thats convient for you.

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If you have an item that is not listed but you would like to sell don't hesitate to ask us. We purchase various goods for cash, Handbags, Electronics, Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Gold, Liquadiations, Overstock and Much More.

The best way to get in contact with us is to or

Dealers Welcome

We have great realtionships with dealers from all around the city. Get in contact with us and begin selling to us today!